Micropalaeontological Services

We'll prep and analyse your sample - if it's there we'll find it!

We offer a comprehensive range of micropaleontological services, including sample preparation, microscope slide preparation, and microfossil analyses. We offer the full range of services from sediment sample disaggregation using a variety of techniques, such as boiling, freezing & thawing, or acid digestion. We can separate microfossil specimens into microscope slides and carry out species identifications. We can provide interpretations of the chronostratigraphy (relative age-dating) and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the microfossil assemblage. We provide a range of professional services at competitive prices. Please contact us for additional details.

Types of Services:

  • micropaleontological slide preparation
  • calcareous nannofossil slide preparation
  • species determinations
  • sample analysis (age determination, environmental interpretation)