Promoting micropalaeontology through publications

We offer a full scope of publishing activities in the field of micropalaeontology, palaeontology and stratigraphy, publishing in magazine form, books both in printed form and as eBooks. We publish the Grzybowski Foundation (GF) Special Publications, a long-standing monograph series devoted to the subject of Micropalaeontology, including the full set of the peer-reviewed “Proceedings of the International Workshops on Agglutinated Foraminifera”. We serve as the agent for library subscriptions and publication sales of the GFSP volumes, and as an agent for Micropaleontology Press journals and catalogues – Micropaleontology, Stratigraphy, and the Ellis & Messina Catalogues.

Regarding the Ordering process

All orders are process through the Micropress Europe Foundation. Please email all enquires to - we will respond to your queries and orders as soon as possible.